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Interested in using Everything DiSC® personality assessments with your clients? Join our global network of nearly 1,800 independent Partners. It’s a big family, and we want you to be a part of it.

Become an Everything DiSC Partner

By becoming an Everything DiSC Partner, you’ll:

  • Build your own brand 
  • Receive ongoing support 
  • Be part of our professional community

We sell our products exclusively through this elite network of independent consultants, trainers, and coaches. Learn more about becoming an Authorized Partner.

Attend a free, interactive webinar and explore the benefits of becoming an Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner.

Interested in using Everything DiSC personality assessments with your own employees or for yourself? Although we don’t sell our products directly, we’ll be happy to connect you with one of our Authorized Partners. Contact us here.


Grow your business with Everything DiSC® solutions

As an independent trainer, coach, or consultant, you need solutions that provide real value to your clients. Everything DiSC's products, marketing and training tools, and community of professionals can provide just that.

DiSC® solutions can be trusted by you and your clients

This collection of personality profiles and training materials are often used as the foundation of a training program, or they can complement any communications, leadership development, sales effectiveness, team building, or coaching programs.

Build your own brand with Everything DiSC tools

We recognize your need to add value to our products. Our online delivery system is an easy and effective way to stay connected with your clients while increasing the power and recognition of your own brand.

Ongoing support is available to all of our Partners.

We know our success depends on your success. So we offer a variety of trainings to educate you on our products and to support your small business—plus marketing tools to help you grow your business.

Be part of a professional community

Everything DiSC Authorized Partners have opportunities to share their questions, insights, and successes with us and with each other. Our annual conference provides a unique opportunity to learn from Everything DiSC leaders and other members of our Partner network.

We sell our products exclusively through an elite network of 1,800 independent consultants, trainers, and coaches. Receive a free DiSC profile—Learn more about becoming an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner.

Building your Brand
Training and Support

Invigorate your own brand using Everything DiSC products and tools

The Everything DiSC brand lends its strength to yours. It's easy to add your brand to every product we offer.

See how DiSC can invigorate your brand—receive a free profile and learn more about becoming an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner.

Marketing support

  • Videos, brochures and reports you can host on your own website
  • Marketing materials you can use to explain the DiSC products
  • Free personalized brand imprinting of most printed pieces
  • Ongoing Marketing Partnership Programs

Electronic Profile Information Center (EPIC)

Our exclusive online assessment-delivery system gives you a simple way to brand, send, customize, print, and store assessments. EPIC allows you to issue access codes to anyone in the world, anytime. Extend the value of the DiSC profiles with ongoing follow-up reports.


When you join our network you’ll not only become an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner, you’ll also earn the credential of an Everything DiSC Certified Trainer.  Through our official New Partner Training we’ll help build a foundation of knowledge so you can feel confident as an expert working with the tools and solutions you provide to your clients.

Integrating Everything DiSC into your business

Why make Everything DiSC part of your business? As an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner, you can:

  • Access high-quality products that will allow you to bring even more value to your clients
  • Receive attractive wholesale pricing
  • Learn business-building expertise from our community of successful entrepreneurs
  • Add new service offerings and expand your expertise with ready-to-go programs

Rewards program

We recognize the contribution our Partners make to Everything DiSC's success. Based on qualifying purchases, Partners can earn free or discounted rates for our MindLab Forty-Eight conference, additional discounts on product purchases, and more. Learn more about becoming an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner by visiting our YouTube channel.

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Get the professional training and support you deserve

We’ve strengthened our business by supporting our Partners. We believe in an entrepreneurial spirit and the open market within the Everything DiSC® community.

Partner training

We maintain a reputation for superior products and superior representation. We ensure you have the knowledge and resources you need to feel confident representing our products. As an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner, you’ll have ongoing access to face-to-face, live web-based, and on-demand training. Our training department is continually developing programs to help you be even more successful.


JumpStart is designed to help you launch your Everything DiSC training, coaching, or consulting business, and quickly get you up to speed  on the valuable resources available through Everything DiSC. Attendance is required of all Partners and ensures that you can trust your new community to be representing DiSC products with a high level of sophistication. JumpStart is included in your new Partner registration fee.


MindLab Forty-Eight, our annual conference, brings high-quality learning and networking opportunities to our members. MindLab Forty-Eight is attended by our most successful Partners—and by those who are planning to be.

Instructor-led and on-demand learning

Free podcasts and webinars are offered throughout the year.

Other training and support:

  • Everything DiSC® Solutions Provider Certification: Hone your DiSC knowledge with this optional certification.
  • Case Studies Library: Use these success stories with your clients to show how other organizations implement our products.
  • Monthly newsletter: Keep up-to-date on the news that impacts your business.

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Qualities of an Everything DiSC Authorized Partner

Everything DiSC Authorized Partners vary in target market, business size, and experience, but they all share a commitment to delivering high-value solutions to their clients. To be eligible to become an Authorized Partner, you must:

  • Own an established training, consulting, or coaching business in North America.
  • Integrate technology-based products into your business.
  • Know your markets and understand your clients.
  • Possess a sharply developed sense of professionalism and ethics.
  • Set the pace for training and development trends.

Forums and meetings

Tap into our community of experts. Partners don’t just learn from us, they learn from each other too.

LinkedIn group

This established forum allows you to communicate with other Partners—ask questions and share experiences with other trainers, coaches, and consultants—like you.

MindLab Forty-Eight

Our conferences are great opportunities to meet and network with other Partners. In addition, Partners often share their knowledge with the network by presenting at these events.

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