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Build a Culture of Trust & Accountability
Build a Culture of Trust & Accountability

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Equip your leaders and teams with the essential leadership skills and resources to succeed. We provide strategic guidance and cutting-edge solutions to develop your leadership talents and creativity. Bredenberg Associates' programs are customized and scaled to fit the size of your organization and budget.

Bredenberg Associates help leaders build more effective working teams based on an understanding of different behavioral styles. The programs are powered by Everything DiSC® tools, designed to help people understand themselves and others. Our experts and coaches guide leaders in cultivating high-performing cultures of trust and accountability. Critical metrics are captured to assure ROI on time and money.

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We work with leaders and teams, helping them work together better with:
• Leadership Development
• Executive & Team Coaching
• Strategic Visioning & Planning
• High-Impact Workforce Training
• Community Conversations Facilitation
• Train-the-Trainer & Certificate Programs
• Organizational Learning Design & Systems

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Testimonials For Bredenberg Associates

  • "We accomplished so much in a short period of time! I feel I really know my co-workers so much better now. We CAN be a winning team!"

    K. Keefe, RN Director, Albany Medical Center
  • “I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful presentation on Leadership that you gave our group. Your warmth in presenting the extra +++ to useful and interesting content. You inspired us to revisit our vision."

    K. Meyer Program Chair, W. MA Association Training & Development
  • We want to thank you so much for the wonderful training, and all of your passion, energy, wisdom and great generosity. We are very excited about the energy, engagement and enthusiasm we saw happening in the room.

    K. Denio Artistic Director, Earthdance
  • I've worked with Ingrid Bredenberg in establishing a 10-month leadership program for public sector senior managers.  Ingrid is very knowledgeable and an exceptional teacher and mentor.  The feedback received from these sessions was phenomenal. They simply loved her!  She is creative yet practical and down to earth. She makes the difficult fun.

    K. Napoli Outreach Coordinator, NY State Agency


  • Essential Skills for Today's Leaders

    Essential Skills for Today's Leaders is a personalized interactive exploration of proven leadership best practices that are critical to effective leadership. This program addresses real-world demands that today’s leaders face. Powerful conversations are generated through strategic inquiry, multi-media presentations, and case studies. Outcome-based activities lead to a clear path for action.
    Essential Skills curriculum was developed from a six-year research and development effort analyzing and distilling the work of prominent leadership scholars. Interviews with over 300 leadership experts contributed to this program’s design. Self-assessment, peer interactions, and expert facilitation inspire strategies for more skillful leadership.
    This program is designed for leaders in all sectors and throughout organizations. Participants will receive their own Work of Leaders profile that helps leaders take action with personalized insights and strategies.


    Intro Everything DiSC Management
    Effective Manager working with D style
  • Leadership Development for Boards and Executive Teams

    Executive Teams and Boards of Directors set goals and steer their organizations toward success. Organizations benefit from leadership teams that bring diverse perspectives and experiences to governance and strategy. Successful senior teams leverage their differences while aligning to shared purpose. This is essential...but not easy.

    Our customized programs help senior teams align to shared visions and missions. Leaders identify key priorities and strategies to guide the organization's staff in applying their talents and allocating resources.

    The Work of Leaders profiles used in these programs provide critical information to leaders about their individual leadership styles as well as how well they utilized leadership best practices. The insights gained from Work of Leaders help teams leverage their strengths and identify key development areas.


    Work of Leaders Intro
    Ineffective Team Alignment
    Effective Team Alignment
  • Engage Your Workforce with Common Language & Clear Communications

    With Everything DiSC Workplace®, your employees will gain valuable insights about themselves AND others, discovering actionable ways to build more effective relationships with one another.
    This classroom training uses a research-validated learning model and combines engaging facilitation with powerful follow-up tools to create a personalized experience for every participant. Everything DiSC Workplace can be used with people at any level in an organization, ultimately improving the quality of the workplace.
    • Discovering Your DiSC® Style
    • Understanding Other Styles
    • Building More Effective Relationships
    • Optional People-Reading and Comparison Report activities

    Build a culture of TRUST and ACCOUNTABILITY by integrating Everything DiSC solutions in your talent development plans. Scale your HR efforts by having trainers get certified in Everything DiSC Workplace (in person or online) to assure consistent quality of program delivery.


    DiSC Workplace Intro
    Galaxy Project - Intro to DiSC Workplace
  • Transform Conflict to Productivity

    Workplace conflict costs companies billions of dollars in lost time and productivity. Studies show that up to 30% of managers' time is spent on addressing conflicting priorities and perspectives. Rather than avoid conflict and leave it unresolved, your employees will learn how to make the most out of challenging situations with this powerful learning program.
    Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict helps employees curb destructive thoughts and behaviors so that
    conflict can become more productive, ultimately improving workplace results and relationships.
    This classroom experience uses a research-validated learning model and combines engaging facilitation with follow-up tools to create personalized insights for participants at any level of an organization.
    Whether you’re working with entry-level employees or a group of executives, the Productive Conflict Profile will provide your employees with effective strategies to overcome the inevitable challenges of workplace conflict.


    Productive Conflict Intro
    Automatic Thoughts in Conflict Situation

Everything DiSC® Certification

Choose your learning format:

New Everything DiSC Certification


Help People Work Better Together as an Everything DiSC® Certified Practitioner

At the heart of your organization are thousands of human interactions. These interactions make up what we know as organizational culture. However, as the world of work becomes more reliant on technology, your organization has been challenged to recreate the authentic human connection that drives engagement and performance.

As an Everything DiSC® Certified Practitioner, you’ll help your organization engage and connect people on a more human level by delivering impactful DiSC experiences that help people work better together. During this two-week course that combines virtual, instructor-led sessions with self-directed online learning, you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of the DiSC model, theory, research, and key principles
  • Explore how to build custom solutions using the all-new Everything DiSC on Catalyst experience
  • Familiarize yourself with the full Everything DiSC application suite
  • Practice facilitation techniques while receiving feedback in a safe environment
  • Gain ongoing access to Wiley’s online training center, connecting you to course content, fellow Practitioners, and Wiley’s education specialists
Upon successful completion of the exam, you will earn the credential of Everything DiSC Certified Practitioner, signaling proven competence in shaping an engaged, collaborative, and high-performing culture—knowledgeable in the language of DiSC.

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  • Leadership & Management Training
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  • Senior Team Alignment & Governance


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