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FlashPoint is your expert partner for Everything DiSC®

People are the drivers behind an organization's success. Effective working relationships--created through understanding different behavioral styles--help improve communication, reduce conflict, and avoid misunderstandings saving time, money, and energy.

FlashPoint is a leadership consulting firm specializing in leadership development, team effectiveness, and coaching. We work alongside our clients to make sure they achieve their business goals, their leaders are highly engaged, and their teams are more effective.

We’ve seen the positive impact of strong leaders and teams, both in our company and in organizations that we work with. We want others to experience the same transformative benefits, which is why we’re so excited by the work we do to develop meaningful workplaces where everyone can achieve their fullest potential.

We offer a variety of Everything DiSC® assessments and training to support different organizational needs. Finding what is right for you starts with a conversation and we’re here to help. Review the solutions below, or give us a call or email when you are ready to get started.

FlashPoint was recognized as a 2016 Ruby award-winning Partner for Everything DiSC® and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™. FlashPoint is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE).

An Intro to Everything DiSC® Workplace
Get to Know Everything DiSC®

Testimonials for FlashPoint Leadership Consulting

  • We found so much value in the overlay of the Everything DiSC® assessment that we added a day-long retreat to go deeper and understand our styles and the impact on our relationships with each other and our direct reports.

  • The DiSC® workshop makes interpersonal relationships much easier to analyze and support. The workshop immediately brought returns to our daily work. I have been more prepared for certain meetings because I've been able to anticipate the needs and preferences of my colleagues. When working in a collaborative environment, and requiring talents from c


Our Solutions

  • Everything DiSC® assessments and workshops to meet your needs

    We offer a variety of Everything DiSC® Solutions to equip individuals, leaders, and organizations with the means to build more effective workplaces. Our DiSC® solutions include Everything DiSC® Workplace; Everything DiSC® Management; Everything DiSC® Sales; Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders; and Everything DiSC® 363 Profile.

    As an Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner, FlashPoint administers assessments and facilitates customized workshops to help teams work better together, improve employee and workplace communication, reduce conflict, and avoid misunderstandings.

    Our trained facilitators and coaches ensure you get the most from Everything DiSC®, helping you fully realize its potential to improve individual and team effectiveness.

  • What is Everything DiSC® Workplace?

    Everything DiSC Workplace® can be used with everyone in your organization, regardless of title or role. The assessment profile identifies and explores the priorities that drive individuals. It includes tips, strategies, and action plans to help team members become more effective.

    Our custom training fuels more effective and productive working relationships, focusing on:
    Discovering your DiSC style
    Understanding other styles and learning to read other people
    Building more effective relationships


    An Intro to Everything DiSC Workplace®
  • Is Everything DiSC® Management right for my management team?

    The Everything DiSC® Management assessment helps managers identify and explore the priorities that shape their management experience and helps them better understand how to work with, manage, and develop their employees.

    Our custom training focuses on:
    Understanding your DiSC management style
    How to effectively direct, delegate to, and develop employees
    Ways to improve employee motivation
    Managing up and working with your manager

  • How can Everything DiSC® Sales help us close more sales?

    The Everything DiSC® Sales assessment is for both inside and outside salespeople who are seeking tools to better understand themselves, their customers, and their workplace relationships. The result is salespeople who adapt their styles to connect better and close more sales.

    Our focused training can help you:
    Understand your DiSC sales style
    Recognize and understand customer buying styles
    Improve sales results by adapting sales styles to fit the customer’s buying style

  • How can Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders help us achieve our strategy?

    The Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders assessment helps leaders improve their effectiveness in creating a vision, gaining team alignment, and executing to achieve the vision.

    Everything DiSC Work of Leaders looks at leadership on the level of one-to-many relationships, instead of the one-to-one relationship explored in Everything DiSC Management. It uses the Vision, Alignment, and Execution model with a focus on tangible steps directed at leading a group or organization toward desired outcomes.

    Often delivered as part of a leadership retreat or development program, Work of Leaders teaches participants to:
    Connect unique leadership styles to real-world demands including how they approach each step of their work
    Generate powerful conversations leading to a clear path for action
    Understand how a leader’s style impacts effectiveness
    Understand the group's overall strengths and challenges to create an action plan for success

  • What is Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders?

    A powerful, 360-degree assessment, Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders helps leaders understand how others see them. Using intuitive, easy-to-read visuals, rich cuts of data, and feedback breakdowns, leaders no longer have to ask “Now what?” after their 360 assessment. Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders gives next steps and three things that leaders can focus on now.

    Our expert coaching can help you:
    Understand your leadership style and next steps
    Process and understand feedback with one of our expert coaches
    Identify development areas and create an action plan

  • Custom Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ solutions to meet your needs

    We offer custom Five Behaviors™ solutions to help your team be more effective. The Five Behaviors™ Model is used to help team members learn to work together more efficiently and become a more cohesive team.

    Five Behaviors™ can be used as part of a strategic planning retreat, a one-day program, or a three-day program.

    What your team will gain from the program:
    Team members will establish stronger bonds, leading to more engagement and greater commitment to the organization
    A contract amongst team members will solidify how the team will succeed and be accountable to each other
    The team will gain momentum and follow through on a team development plan, leading them down the path of improvement and growth.
    The ability to make faster, better decisions and avoid revisiting topics due to lack of buy-in
    A competitive advantage

    For more information on our Five Behaviors™ offerings, please visit http://www.fivebehaviors.com/flashpoint.

  • Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict

    Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict is a workshop and assessment that identifies and improves self-awareness of conflict behaviors. It helps individuals reflect on how they behave during conflict, recognize destructive reactions that can get in the way of productive relationships at work, and then step back to re-frame automatic thoughts about the situation in order to choose more productive responses.

    Our custom training fuels better working relationships by:
    Helping employees become more effective at engaging in productive conflict, instead of negative or destructive conflict
    Showing participants how automatic thoughts impact the conflict behaviors they choose
    Teaching individuals how each DiSC style’s productive and destructive behaviors

Everything DiSC® Certification

Choose your learning format:

Everything DiSC Workplace® Certification


Everything DiSC Workplace Certification is your best resource to gain foundational knowledge and tools for facilitating Everything DiSC. Designed with your busy schedule in mind, this online course gives you the flexibility of self-paced learning, paired with live-collaborative sessions led by Wiley’s expert trainers.

Increase your confidence and competence in delivering Everything DiSC Workplace in your organization. This course offers rigorous new content on the principles of the DiSC® model and the supporting research. During the live sessions, you will practice facilitating small groups and explore challenging scenarios that could arise during workshops. You’ll also learn how to keep Everything DiSC alive within your organization by creating a culture of DiSC and explore MyEverythingDiSC, the mobile-friendly, interactive learning portal that is exclusive to Everything DiSC.

This program Includes:

  • Four modules of self-directed and live collaborative learning (each requiring three to five hours of time per week), conducted over a four week period
  • Active knowledge checks to help participants assess how well they understand the content and to improve learning and retention
  • Final Certification exam (self-directed/graded activity)

Start your journey toward building your confidence and competence in effectively delivering Everything DiSC Workplace!

Upcoming Classes

  • January 03 – January 31, 2019

    Live Sessions each Thursday from 9:00 - 10:30 am CT
  • January 22 – February 19, 2019

    Live Sessions each Tuesday from 8:00 - 9:30 am CT
  • February 06 – March 06, 2019

    Live Sessions each Wednesday from 5:00 - 6:30 pm CT
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Workplace Certification

Everything DiSC® Certification

In Person

This intensive in-person course provides group learning and collaborative activities to guide you in exploring all the Everything DiSC Profiles including Workplace, Management, Sales, Work of Leaders, and the Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders.

  • Experience the Everything DiSC assessment process and receive personalized profiles.
  • Deepen your expertise about the theory and research behind Everything DiSC, including how to use the research to address common questions from your participants.
  • Get a high-level overview of the tools available in the Everything DiSC facilitation materials and apply them to real-world scenarios.

Upcoming Classes

  • January 08 – January 09, 2019

    Two days of live facilitated learning in Minneapolis
  • February 12 – February 13, 2019

    Two days of live facilitated learning in Minneapolis
  • March 05 – March 06, 2019

    Two days of live facilitated learning in Minneapolis
  • April 02 – April 03, 2019

    Two days of live facilitated learning in Minneapolis
  • May 21 – May 22, 2019

    Two days of live facilitated learning in Minneapolis
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Workplace Certification


Be my guest at a Everything DiSC showcase. Take an in-depth look into the program and discover how you can use Everything DiSC in your organization. Select a city below to learn more.

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  • Leadership Development programs: #1 Provider of The Leadership Challenge®
  • Team Effectiveness: The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ Executive Coaching
  • Executive, Team, and Individual Coaching
  • Creative and Measurable Solutions
  • Developing Emerging Leaders
  • D style

    People with this style are direct. They're outspoken with their opinions and aren't afraid to be forceful.

    C style

    People with this style take a logical, systematic approach to their work and pride themselves on accuracy.

  • i style

    People with this style are bold and driven. They describe themselves as risk-takers and like to be at the center of the action.

    S style

    People with this style are gentle and accommodating. They are patient with mistakes and very considerate of feelings.

  • D style

    People with this style are direct. They're outspoken with their opinions and aren't afraid to be forceful.

    i style

    People with this style are bold and driven. They describe themselves as risk-takers and like to be at the center of the action.

  • S style

    People with this style are gentle and accommodating. They are patient with mistakes and very considerate of feelings.

    C style

    People with this style take a logical, systematic approach to their work and pride themselves on accuracy.


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