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Tom Kalous, Ph.D.
Tom Kalous, Ph.D.

Tom Kalous, PhD, or Dr. Tom, is an expert in Emotional Intelligence and Everything DiSC. As the founder of TDK Consulting, Dr. Tom has worked with dozens of organizations over the past 25 years and is currently on the faculty of 5 national and regional leadership institutes. His in-depth and entertaining workshops and seminars have delighted and enlightened audiences and organizations around the country. His emphasis on the biology of human and organizational behavior has made him especially popular with science-based and technology organizations. The information he presents is highly accessible to all audiences and has had profound impacts on people at all organizational levels. By combining his depth of knowledge about the human brain and mind with the power of the Everything DiSC suite of assessments, Dr. Tom will wow your employees, provide deep learning opportunities, and help you build a culture that truly enhances productivity and employee engagement.

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Testimonials For TDK Consulting, LLC

  • I have had the pleasure of watching Tom work with over a dozen different groups. He is an excellent adult educator and workshop facilitator with a unique ability to engage participants with his humor, his candor, and his knowledge of the human condition. He continually receives the highest evaluations from participants in his workshops.

    Hugh O'Doherty Adjunct Lectrurer in Public Policy, Harvard's Kennedy School of Government
  • Most folks have a favorite teacher or two. We remember a kind act, words of support, or advice. Dr. Tom Kalous is one of those memorable teachers. He made me laugh. He made me cry. If you haven't heard him speak, make it happen. Bring him into your workplace. No matter your occupation, what Dr. Tom has to share will help you be more effective.

    Jimmy Fox, Leadership Coach


  • Emotional Intelligence and the Everything DiSC Workplace Assessment

    Emotional Intelligence is a powerful concept that can help anyone and everyone become more effective in every aspect of their lives. However, most people in the training world lack the educational and clinical background necessary to bring depth to this topic. As a result, most training on Emotional Intelligence comes across as mile wide and an inch deep.

    The Everything DiSC Workplace Assessment, combined with Dr. Tom's in-depth insights and wisdom, help his participants gain a deeper, more meaningful appreciation for and understanding of Emotional Intelligence. In fact, all of the Everything DiSC tools provide participants with a immediate gains to two key aspects of Emotional Intelligence: Self-Awareness and Social Awareness.

  • Productive Conflict

    Moving through conflict can be very challenging for organizations. Unresolved conflict often festers and can stop an organization dead in its tracks. Unfortunately, most conflict resolution strategies don't address the roadblocks that existing resentment presents to moving forward. By combining the Everything DiSC Productive Conflict assessment and workshop with his own unique approach to assessing and addressing the damage that past conflict has done in an organization, Dr. Kalous helps organizations heal from the past while giving them a path forward that keeps destructive conflict from returning to your organization.

  • The Work of Leadership

    Dr. Kalous believes that leadership is an activity not a person. By building on the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders, he has created a powerful 1-2 workshop that can help people at all levels become more effective at exercising leadership in and out of their organizations. The elegant and easy-to-apply Work of Leaders framework combined with the invaluable feedback provided by the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders assessment tool gives participants powerful insights into the true work of leadership and helps them develop their leadership skills on an ongoing basis, long after this workshop ends.

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  • Leadership Development
  • Team Building
  • Training Facilitation
  • Culture Change
  • Creating Productive Teams
  • Politcal Savvy
  • Coaching for Leadership