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Vertical Performance is a collection of diverse consultants with extensive knowledge and practice in developing individual leaders and employees and building exceptional work teams. Our staff represents a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences that make us uniquely suited to partner with private sector companies, government, education, and not-for-profit organizations - helping each to realize that within every organization is the collective potential to be exceptional.

We are in the business of transforming people and workplace cultures. We provide customized consulting services to a diverse clientele, employing a strength-based, participant-centered approach that results in high levels of engagement and exceptional results.

Our primary focus is people – their individual development, their interactions within an organization, and the importance of effective leadership. We genuinely care for our clients and want to help them, their people, and their organizations.

We utilize Everything DiSC Workplace to help work teams in those organizations better understand each other and that new awareness creates a foundation for organizational change and continuous improvement. First, Get the Right People in the Right Seats – then use DiSC to help them develop into an effective workforce.

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A Testimonial

Testimonials For Vertical Performance, Inc.

  • “Since the team-building workshop, the staff of Our World (Child Care & Adult Day Services) is seeking out more ways of pulling together to make the program even more of an exciting place to work… Your training is often mentioned, and has left a deep impression on our staff.”

    Margaret Mandley Program Director
  • “I want you to know how much of an inspiration you have been to Unity Hospice…I looked around our leadership meeting yesterday and thought about how lucky I am to be working with this staff…Servant Leadership has helped us not only to serve our patients, but to serve each other as well.”

    Brenda McGarvey Volunteer Coordinator
  • “I have wondered to myself what makes their program so meaningful and have concluded that it is not so much their program, but THEM. They have an innovative approach that not only captivates the audience but also causes the participants to work cohesively.”

    Ms. Teresa Blomenkamp Principal
  • “As a leader I learned how to bring out the best in each staff member, to help each one reach maximum potential. When you have a cohesive team all working towards one vision, you become unstoppable.”

    Medical Office Manager


  • First – Help Employees Better Understand Themselves

    Regardless of position, department or function, Everything DiSC Workplace® helps each individual employee become more engaged in their job and your workplace by helping them build more productive and effective relationships with their co-workers and supervisors. Their DiSC profile helps them understand and appreciate the different priorities, preferences, and values they bring to the workplace, how those might differ from their coworkers, and suggest ways for interacting with the DiSC styles of others which in turn can reduce tension, resolve conflicts and lead to improved teamwork.

    It all starts with the Everything DiSC Workplace® individual profile. Take a look at a sample report.

  • Second - Help Managers Become Better Managers

    For those employees who manage other people, Everything DiSC Management® can help them understand their specific DiSC style, how that relates to their natural tendencies towards managing the work of others, and raise awareness as to how they might need to adapt their normal management style to better reach specific employee, whose priorities, preferences, and values might be different from those of the manager.

    The Everything DiSC Management® sample report illustrates the information that could be available to your management staff.

  • Then - Help Employees Work Better Together

    Comparison Reports based upon the data from Everything DiSC Workplace® profiles can help two individuals specifically explore the DiSC styles of each other with a goal of helping those two individuals to work together more effectively. Being aware of each other’s priorities, preferences, and values can help those two individuals build a more productive work relationship. You can in fact produce Comparison Reports between any individual and all the other individuals within your organization who have also taken the Everything DiSC Workplace® profile, for a comprehensive guide to better teamwork.

    These two sample reports illustrate the data available to two such individuals.

  • Long Term - Truly Development a Culture of Teamwork

    For long term workplace improvement, Everything DiSC Workplace® profiles can provide data to help you create or enhance a culture of true teamwork in your organization. The Group Culture Report and Team View Report illustrate each workgroup as a whole, in terms of DiSC styles, and offers insights into the natural tendencies for interaction among those individuals when brought together as a work group. Awareness of differences in styles is the first step towards getting the most out of the natural talents and abilities of each individual, while managing the work the collective so that the team as a whole is productive, effective, and efficient.

    Take a look at these sample reports.

  • When Conflict Does Arise - Resolve It

    In any workplace and any organization there will be some conflict between individuals. Anytime people with different priorities, preferences, and values are required to work together towards a common goal, you can expect some ‘head butting’. The key is to turn that conflict into something productive, allowing the expression of different viewpoints that move the organization towards its ultimate goals while avoiding the stagnation that can come from a work group in continuous chaos.

    The Productive Conflict report provides helpful suggestions for doing just that.

  • Finally - Fully Develop Your Leaders

    Leadership is key and Vertical Performance often invests its resources towards developing leaders to their greatest potential. The specific Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® profile can be one tool towards doing so. The Work of Leaders Group Report supplements that, and the 363 For Leaders can provide even more information. Each can be a valuable tool towards coaching a leader on a path of continual improvement.

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