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Do you have costly and frustrating misfires brought on by poor communication between leadership and team members?

Do you believe that more open, honest, and genuine conversations could improve the level of trust, collaboration, and productive action in your workplace?

Are subtle, disrespectful behaviors among your team-members commonplace? Or are more aggressive, inappropriate, and overt moves by one (or a handful) wreaking havoc in your office?

Does it sometimes feel as if you have a guarded, closed culture within your organization and that it’s holding you back from truly creating results and making an impact?

If you are ready to build more trusting relationships at work through strengths-based, compassionate, and empathic communication tools, it’s time to contact me. Having 20+ years experience working within large corporate settings, small business environments, government agencies at both the state and federal levels, and academia, I understand the challenges (and benefits!) of building strong bonds between team members. My experience, coupled with Everything DiSC, is a REAL game changer.

My clients frequently move from a place of distrust among team members, where deficit-based language is used, to a more open, safer culture that honors mutual respect and collaboration, where individuals’ strengths are recognized, built on, and validated. The results are profound, and they include:

· increased trust between leadership and rank-and-file team members;
· enhanced relationships, with meaningful power-sharing and partnership;
· more consistent and clearer communication at all levels;
· higher job satisfaction ratings among staff;
· space for all team members’ voices and opinions to be heard;
· more productive work units; and
· an infusion of joy and fun brought to the workplace.

Who Could Benefit from an Everything DiSC Behavioral Assessment or Training? Teams and individuals in a variety of settings, including:

Government Agencies
Mom/Pop Shop with 10 or less employees
Small to Mid-Sized Companies
Large Corporations
Hospitals and Healthcare Delivery Systems
Tribal Governments
School Systems, Teachers, and Educational Staff
Non-Profit Entities
Churches, Synagogues, and Mosques
Trauma-Informed Workplaces

Contact me today to learn more about how DiSC can serve your team or organization. or 608.334.4501

I look forward to speaking with you!

Testimonials For Chariti Gent Coaching + Consulting

  • Chariti’s consulting led to immediate results – open, honest and sometimes tough conversations, more cohesive teamwork, and better communication between our team and with our customers. I would highly recommend Chariti Gent Coaching and Consulting to any company hoping to work and communicate more clearly with each other and their customers.

    Peter Zarov President, Homestead Title Company
  • The tools Chariti provides are assisting us in grooming our younger up-and-comers for leadership roles...incredibly valuable in a fast-changing, tech-focused, recruiting environment like ours. I highly recommend Chariti to any company that is serious about investing in their human capital and developing a highly strategic and tight-knit team.

    Amanda Basham Diretor of Human Resources, Smart Solutions, Inc.
  • Chariti's DiSC presentation was enlightening, informative, and inspiring. Our people benefitted from this by learning their own style of communication as well as the communication styles of their co-workers. I would definitely recommend Chariti’s DiSC training to others who want to improve the communication and team work within their organizations.

    Margaret McMahon Bureau Director, Wisconsin Department of Children and Families
  • Chariti is an expert in DiSC assessment. And as an instructor teaching DiSC, her excitement and expertise around the topic really come through. It’s a class that receives rave reviews for all of our students.

    Aphra Mednick Director, University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Continuing Studies
  • I brought Chariti in for a team training on DiSC because she has the ability to teach and present in such an engaging way and I knew that the team would learn a lot about themselves and how to work better with their clients. As a result of the training our team speaks the same language and we have more fun together and with our clients.

    Sara Alvarado President, The Alvarado Group


  • Everything DiSC Intro

    In Person or Teleconference Training
    60-90 minutes

    This fun and interactive introductory training provides the basic foundational knowledge to begin using Everything DiSC in the workplace. Participants are given an overview of the various workplace styles, as well as an opportunity to ask question and seek clarification about how to use this information to enhance communication and form more effective relationships “back at the office.”

    This training can accommodate an unlimited number of individuals. Everything DiSC Assessments are NOT provided to participants as part of this training option. This option can be delivered over teleconference or webinar, as well as in person. Please contact Chariti for more details and/or to schedule a consult regarding whether this is the best option for your team/organization. or 608.334.4501.

  • Everything DiSC Workplace Half-Day (3 Hour) Workshop

    3 Hour LIVE Training with Assessments

    The Everything DiSC Workplace Workshop is a classroom training that uses online pre-work, engaging facilitation and contemporary video, and online follow-up to create a personalized learning experience. Using the third generation of the DiSC assessment, a research-validated learning model, participants understand and appreciate the styles of the people they work with. The result is more effective and productive working relationship.

    Everything DiSC Workplace focuses on:

    Discovering Your DiSC Styles
    Understanding Other Styles
    Building More Effective Relationships
    Optional People-Reading Module

    Participants discover their DiSC styles and learn how they affect their workplace priorities and relationships. Everything DiSC Workplace can be used with everyone in an organization, regardless of title or role, to improve the quality of the workplace. Can accommodate up to 100 people.

    Learn more: or 608.334.4501.

  • Everything DiSC Workplace Training PLUS Ongoing Coaching + Consulting

    The Everything DiSC Workplace PLUS opportunity combines the power of the half-day learning experience with the opportunity for continued individual and/or group coaching around the DiSC model and the application of its principles. On-going support during the application phase of the Everything DiSC Workplace principles provides a forum for leadership and/or classroom participants to address concerns specific to the team or company, to ask questions about DiSC in the context of one’s unique work environment, and/or explore ways to keep DiSC alive within an organization beyond the training day. Everything DiSC Workplace Workshop PLUS clients can choose between a 6-month or 12-month option of ongoing support. Meeting once per month over the phone or in-person, this option provides the ultimate in making certain that the DiSC model takes hold and that the results of investing in Everything DiSC are maximized. Please contact Chariti for more details. or 608.334.4501.

  • Certifying Your Team in Everything DiSC

    Interested in Certifying Your Own Staff or Team Members in Everything DiSC?
    Aid in building the professional capacity of your internal team to get the most out of Everything DiSC Workplace. This online blended learning experience helps participants gain the expertise and credentials needed to bring this powerful tool directly into their organizations. Contact Chariti at or 608.334.4501 for details and pricing.

Everything DiSC® Certification

Choose your learning format:

Everything DiSC Workplace® Certification


Everything DiSC Workplace Certification is your best resource to gain foundational knowledge and tools for facilitating Everything DiSC. Designed with your busy schedule in mind, this online course gives you the flexibility of self-paced learning, paired with live-collaborative sessions led by Wiley’s expert trainers.

Increase your confidence and competence in delivering Everything DiSC Workplace in your organization. This course offers rigorous new content on the principles of the DiSC® model and the supporting research. During the live sessions, you will practice facilitating small groups and explore challenging scenarios that could arise during workshops. You’ll also learn how to keep Everything DiSC alive within your organization by creating a culture of DiSC and explore MyEverythingDiSC, the mobile-friendly, interactive learning portal that is exclusive to Everything DiSC.

This program Includes:

  • Four modules of self-directed and live collaborative learning (each requiring three to five hours of time per week), conducted over a four week period
  • Active knowledge checks to help participants assess how well they understand the content and to improve learning and retention
  • Final Certification exam (self-directed/graded activity)

Start your journey toward building your confidence and competence in effectively delivering Everything DiSC Workplace!

Upcoming Classes

  • January 05 – February 02, 2018

    Live session each Friday from 10:00 – 11:30am CT
  • February 01 – March 01, 2018

    Live session each Thursday from 9:00 – 10:30am CT
  • March 09 – March 30, 2018

    Live session each Friday from 2:00 – 3:30pm CT
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Workplace Certification

Everything DiSC® Certification

In Person

The in-person, Everything DiSC Workplace® Certification begins with online, self-directed learning and culminates in two days of practical application facilitated by Wiley's expert trainers. With Everything DiSC Workplace® Certification, participants will:

  • Gain expertise in the Everything DiSC® model and supporting research
  • Discover how to apply the Everything DiSC Workplace reports to daily interactions
  • Customize the Everything DiSC Workplace program to meet specific participant needs
  • Navigate challenging scenarios that could arise during a workshop or coaching session
  • Create strategies to promote a DiSC®-based culture
  • Explore MyEverythingDiSC® and discover how to utilize it as an ongoing development tool
This course is held at the Education Center in Minneapolis, MN or in London, England.

Upcoming Classes

  • December 05 – December 06, 2017

    Two days of live facilitated learning in Minneapolis
  • January 23 – January 24, 2018

    Two days of live facilitated learning in Minneapolis
  • February 27 – February 28, 2018

    Two days of live facilitated learning in Minneapolis
  • March 27 – March 28, 2018

    Two days of live facilitated learning in Minneapolis
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Workplace Certification

Featured Skills

  • Professionally Certified Co-Active Coach
  • Highly Awarded Trainer/Presenter/Speaker
  • Master Relationship Builder
  • Top-Notch Influencer
  • Experienced Communicator
  • Public Policy Background
  • Action-Oriented, Results-Driven Professional
  • Empathetic Leader
  • Bridge Builder
  • Right-Brain Approach


  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach
  • International Coach Federation
  • Everything DiSC Authorized Partner
  • Professional Certified Coach
  • Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Certified Partner
  • University of Colorado - Boulder, MA, Political Science and Public Policy
  • University of Wisconsin - Madison, BA, Political Science and Sociology
  • Association for Talent Development - Madison Area Chapter