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Patrice Miller, DreamGoals Coaching LLC
Patrice Miller, MS, SHRM CP, PHR-CA - Everything DiSC® Expert

Are you looking to transform your team to a top performing team? Are you ready to empower your employees to build that top performing culture? Everything DiSC® can help you do just that and more!!

We are here to support you and help you accomplish this mission. Let me know what your organizational needs are around Teambuilding, Conflict Management, Leadership Development and Performance Management and we will partner with you to make it happen!!

I am very excited to be an Authorized Partner of an excellent Everything DiSC® application suite resource that has something for all companies to support them in executing their goals and mission in building the ultimate employee experience.


  • Everything DISC® Productive Conflict

    The Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict focuses on three vital areas:

    • Deepening understanding of self and others in conflict
    • Understanding and recognizing destructive behaviors
    • Exploring techniques to redirect destructive behaviors into more productive responses

    The Profile helps participants improve self-awareness around conflict
    behaviors, and learn how to manage their responses to conflict situations, and gain personalized communication strategies when engaging in productive conflict with colleagues

Featured Skills

  • Conflict Management, Leadership Coaching, Employee Performance Management, Team-building Workshops,


  • Certified Facilitator
  • Authored in 2018
  • Leadership Coach
  • Online Course - Empower Your Employees