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Chuck Sujansky, CEO

For more than 30 years, our Human Resources consultants have been assisting clients throughout the country in every field of business. From banking to health care, KEYGroup® has experience assisting client companies of all sizes.

Our team of consultants has designed an organization with specific high standards of ethics, practicality, and integrity. Through regular assessment and redesign of our leadership training programs, team building programs and more, we are qualified to be the Human Resources company which improves your business.

Throughout the past 30 years, the business world has dramatically changed; so have the programs our company implements. From our corporate leadership development program to employee skills assessments, our company has never strayed from our original objective to achieve productive and profitable workplaces that attract, retain and leverage talent.

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  • Leadership Development

    Leadership in your company influences the success of every employee. Leaders can make a difference in their company by providing professional development initiatives to engage employees in customized training and development. KEYGroup® has leadership skill assessment tools and training for every type of organization. We offer numerous customizable systems that will meet your needs. For over 30 years, clients have chosen our consultants because we deliver results in areas of an organization that need to be refocused.


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  • Team Building

    Today’s society is grounded in individual achievement. While this mindset has empowered many people to do great things, it ignores a fundamental life skill: how to work well with others. The result? Detrimental effects in the workplace, like duplicated efforts, miscommunication, conflict, and errors.

    Effective teams promote a diversity of perspectives and ideas, generating creative momentum. They develop creative solutions to complex problems and discover innovative approaches. Teamwork facilitates effective communication and creates synergy, where energy and ideas between people tap the creative resources of the entire group.

    Building teamwork is a process that takes time and removes individuals from the traditional hierarchical structures, pulling them out of their comfort zone. Just because you organize workers into teams doesn’t mean they will truly be working together. They can – you just have to show them.


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  • Conflict Resolution

    Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. Whether scarce resources, unrealistic expectations, or differences in values and interests are causing the problem, the results do nothing but hurt your organization. You know you need to confront the issue, but the idea of getting pulled into a feud between competing employees or blowing the whistle on under performers can be very daunting.

    No matter how tempting the thought is, you can’t simply ignore things, hoping the problem will fix itself. Unresolved conflicts can cause decreased productivity, lowered morale, and dysfunctional relationships in the workplace. On top of that, teamwork suffers and organizational goals fail to be met.

    If this sounds familiar, relax, you’re not alone. While conflict is a normal part of the workplace, it doesn’t have to tear you apart on the job. That’s why we offer Resolving Conflict Constructively, a workshop designed to give you the skills necessary to handle conflict in the workplace l


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  • Managing Multiple Generations in the Workplace

    Conflict in the workplace? Losing talent because of a lack of promotional opportunities? Generational stereotypes obstructing communication and productivity? You’re not alone.
    Today’s workforce is more diverse than ever, combining four generations with distinctly different values, attitudes, and work expectations.

    So, if age doesn’t pop into your head when you hear the phrase “diversity in the workplace,” then you better start thinking about how different generations in your workplace affect productivity.

    Managing multiple generations is challenging. But not managing them properly is a sure-fire way to bring your company’s progress to a screeching halt. Do you really want to deal with misunderstood communication and the mistakes it breeds? Do you want to lose valuable input from talented employees? How do you feel about high-volume turnover?


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  • Performance Management

    Let’s face it…traditional employee performance reviews don’t work.

    Unfortunately, too many managers view them as a necessary evil—an interruption in an already too busy routine. It often becomes a once-a-year, check-the-box activity, rather than a summary of the coaching and feedback discussions that should have occurred throughout the year.

    How Should Performance Reviews Work? Done properly, performance reviews allow you to develop your existing workforce, shape the culture of your organization, and get more things done.

    By using KEYGroup’s systematic approach, effective leaders clarify their expectations and motivate employees to achieve optimal performance levels. Using this approach is also an excellent way to support talented employees and cultivate future leadership.


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  • Leadership Development
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