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SJ, the founder of SBSL
SJ was born, raised, & still lives in the state of Ohio. He has traveled to over 30 other states.

SJ is the founder of SBSL.

He describes himself using these #Top10 words:

Creative disrupter
Servant leader
Soft Skills Specialist


  • Addressing Deep Root Issue #1 : Customer Service

    Organizations quite often deal with the vexing issue of serving their customers/clients. In fact, it's becoming so crucial that larger entities are creating new C-Suite positions with "X" in them = as in Chief eXperience Officer !

    Understanding Everything DISC truly helps in this undeniably important area.

  • Addressing Deep Root Issue #2 : Whom to Promote, Let Go, &/or Hire

    If you run/manage an organization of more than a couple people, whether they are classic W-2 or '1099' (Gig based freelancers, independents, contractors ), you will need to determine how best to hire, promote existing staff, and/or if business isn't what it needs/should be, whom to let go ( layoff )

    Everything DISC solutions can go a long way to assist you in this decision making.

  • Deep Root Issue #3 : Mitigating Staff Turnover

    Turnover often confuzzles an organization, especially if things "appear" to be going very well, yet people leave on their own, and sometimes more than one in a short time window.

    Leaning into the Everything DISC suite of products will offer a fresh perspective on why this could be happening - and it might NOT be what you think on the surface.

  • Deep Root Issue #4 : Staff Engagement / Satisfaction

    In any organization, keeping the staffers ( whether classic W-2, or more modern 1099/Gig ) on an even keel is key; without them, your company/business will clearly stagnate, if not take step(s) backward.

    Investing in Everything DISC is one broad based answer to improve engagement & satisfaction at your workplace. Check out all the options!


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Featured Skills

  • Servant Leadership
  • Mental Fitness & Mindset
  • Social Capital
  • Group Faciliation
  • Mentoring / Mentorship
  • Business networking


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