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Tackling the Virtual Culture Dilemma: Help Your People Work Better Together While Officing Apart

Even if you were cruising into 2020 on a good path, everything got derailed when the pandemic struck, sending people to all corners of their homes in search of a workable place to office. Displaced and distracted, some employees checked out, while others lashed out. We’ve coined this evolution the Virtual Culture Dilemma. And it’s shifting the way we relate, communicate and collaborate.

As an ecosystem, office culture is inherently fragile. It’s imperfect humans interacting with other imperfect humans. And while perfection isn’t the goal, we all secretly wish for a workplace where people find ways to bring out the best in each other. Unfortunately, that’s not always an intuitive skill. It takes guidance. And practice. And then more guidance and practice. If you’re serious about culture change, waiting it out is not an option. The time for action is now, before those behavioral patterns become habitual and harder to change.

This eBook reveals a proven approach to strengthening the social and emotional skills of your team. With Everything DiSC on Catalyst, employees can tap into the profiles for their coworkers anytime – from anywhere – creating a unified virtual office culture that celebrates the one-of-a-kind contributions of all. An Office of Unicorns.

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