Two people working together while looking at a tablet one person has a CD DiSC style halo and the other has a Di DiSC style.

What Is the DiSC® Model?

Everything DiSC® is a personal development learning experience that measures an individual’s preferences and tendencies based on the DiSC® model. But, what is the DiSC model? What is the science behind it? How does it work?

Who said the basics had to be boring?

Everything DiSC® helps organizations worldwide create thriving workplace cultures through a scientifically validated understanding of their people.

The Model: D-i-S-C

Everything DiSC gives people a quick and intuitive way to understand themselves and others using DiSC—a simple yet powerful model that describes four basic behavioral styles: D, i, S, and C.









DiSC model with four quadrants: D is green in upper left quadrant, i is red in upper right quadrant , S is blue in lower right quadrant, and C is yellow in lower left quadrant.

Everyone is a blend of all four DiSC styles—usually, one, two, or even three styles stand out. Each person has a unique behavioral profile with different styles and priorities—no one style is better or worse than the next. We believe that these differences in style can be extremely valuable. Once you assess these differences and harness their value, better workplace communication AND healthier organizations become possible.

Two Dimensions of Human Behavior

Although DiSC describes four styles, the model is, at its core, two-dimensional. These two dimensions reflect fundamental aspects of human nature and can be viewed as independent constructs.

Everything DiSC Vertical Dimension:

The vertical dimension is best described as level of activity, ranging from active to thoughtful. People with DiSC styles at the top of the circle tend to be fast-paced and are often described as assertive, dynamic, and bold. Conversely, people with styles that fall toward the bottom of the circle tend to be more moderate-paced and are often described as calm, methodical, and careful.

Fast-Paced and Outspoken/ Cautious and Reflective vertical dimensions of the DiSC model. The fast-paced and outspoken dimension is on the top with attributes active, assertive, dynamic, and bold. The cautious and reflective dimension is on the bottom and has moderate-paced, calm, methodical, and thoughtful attributes.

Everything DiSC Horizontal Dimension:

The horizontal dimension runs from questioning to accepting. People with DiSC styles that fall toward the left side of the circle are naturally more skeptical in nature and are often described as logic-focused, objective, and challenging. On the other hand, people with styles on the right side of the circle are naturally more receptive in nature and are often described as people-focused, empathizing, and agreeable.

Questioning and Skeptical/ Accepting and Warm horizontal dimensions of the DiSC model. The questioning and skeptical dimension is on the left and has logic-focused, objective, reserved, and challenging attributes. The accepting and warm dimension is on the left and has people-focused, empathizing, receptive, and agreeable attributes.

Four Quadrants

The DiSC model is made up of four quadrants. Click on the image below to explore the DiSC styles in each quadrant:

The D (Dominance) style is active and questioning. This describes people who are direct, forceful, and outspoken with their opinions.

The i (Influence) style is active and accepting. This describes people who are outgoing, enthusiastic, and lively.

The S (Steadiness) style is thoughtful and accepting. This describes people who are gentle, accommodating, and patient with others’ mistakes.

The C (Conscientiousness) style is thoughtful and questioning. This describes people who are analytical, reserved, and precise.

Although the DiSC dimensions form four distinct styles, it is probably more useful to think of the DiSC circle in continuous terms. Consider that each of the four styles blend into their neighboring styles much the same way that colors blend into one another on the color wheel.

12 Styles

While there are four distinct styles, because a person can be a blend of styles, Everything DiSC actually encompasses 12 unique DiSC styles.

For instance, people with a Di style are more likely than people with the D style to describe themselves as daring and convincing, and a person with an iD style is more likely than someone with the i style to describe themselves as charismatic and dynamic. In both cases, these two styles (Di and iD) share something with the D and i styles, but they also have characteristics that differentiate them from those singular styles.

Click on the image below, in each of the unique styles shown within the DiSC model, to learn more about the needs and priorities within each style.


People with the Di style move at a fast pace, probably come across as adventurous and bold, and often seek out unique assignments and leadership positions.

People with the D style are strong-willed, prioritize getting results, and appreciate new challenges and opportunities.

People with the DC style are often very direct and straightforward. They prefer to work independently and are focused on getting results.

People with the iD style value taking action, are comfortable making decisions on the fly, and maintain an upbeat attitude that brings genuine optimism to their work.

People with the i style enjoy collaboration, get excited about new possibilities, and often focus on making quick progress toward exciting solutions.

People with the iS style tend to be enthusiastic, enjoy teaming up with others as much as possible, and want everyone to feel included.

People with the  CD style may come across as skeptical and are determined to ensure things get done correctly. They value delivering quality outcomes efficiently.

People with the C style focus on accuracy and stability. They analyze options rationally and separate emotions from facts, and are attentive to uncovering problems and mistakes.

People with the CS style probably come across as orderly and precise. They tend to avoid taking risks and are usually ready and willing to help when their expertise is needed.

People with the Si style tend to see the positive in most situations, are encouraging of other people’s ideas, and place high importance on the needs of others.

People with the S style value providing support. They are patient and accommodating and focus on maintaining a predictable, orderly environment.

People with the SC style prioritize stability and attaining consistent outcomes, are usually patient and diplomatic, and aren’t likely to become overly emotional when pushed.

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