Understanding and Growing Your Emotional Intelligence

Dec 15, 2022 | 5 min read

Ed. Note: This month we are pleased to welcome Dr. Mark Scullard, Senior Director of Product Innovation at Wiley and author of “The Work of Leaders", as a guest writer for the blog.

Emotional intelligence is basically about making good choices in emotional or social situations. It affects our relationships, our professional success, and, ultimately, our happiness. Unfortunately, though, emotional intelligence is also wildly complex. There are hundreds of skills necessary to competently navigate the modern social landscape. On top of which, the things you struggle with might be completely different than the things others struggle with.

And so, we’ve created a pair of videos to help people navigate some of this messiness. They look at emotional intelligence through the lens of the DiSC® model. We wanted to take a deeper look at why we struggle in the areas we do. But we also wanted to outline a concrete, proven path for helping people overcome these struggles.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence with DiSC®

People don’t say insensitive things because they’re obnoxious jerks. Mostly. And people don’t fail to stand up for themselves because they’re spineless wimps. It’s not about character. They have deeper-level needs that drive these unfortunate choices. In this video, we delve into how you can use the DiSC model to understand why we sometimes make the wrong choice, even when the right choice is so obvious to everyone else.

Building Emotional Intelligence with DiSC

Pretty much every leader recognizes that their organization is going to be more successful if it’s filled with emotionally intelligent people. But how do you inspire a group of people to commit to that development? And even if they commit, how do you help them find a personalized development path that meets them where they’re at? In this video, we take you through a study we did with over 6000 employees from diverse organizations, helping them create a customized plan to become more interpersonally effective.

After an Agile EQ™ session, 92% of participants see themselves using what they’ve learned. And even though the experience is focused on the work environment, learners almost immediately see how this material is going to improve relationships with their spouses, children, neighbors, and friends. We’re all hungry for healthier relationships. DiSC has an intentionally straightforward framework that anyone can use to make their life better.

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