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Frederica A. Peterson, MA, CPC
DiSC, Leadership and Diversity Expert, Frederica A. Peterson, MA, CPC

There has been a significant shift in talent acquisition and management since the events of 2020. Most of the clients coming to me are seeking to be more "inclusive" in their practices to improve retention and acquisition of the best, brightest and most diverse talent. The best way to do this naturally is to improve overall communications.

Our differences are not in what we see, but in what we don't see. The strongest organizations typically are those that have effective communication skills, DiSC solutions can help you achieve that. If you want your team to be more engaged, motivated, committed and overall execute at a higher level of performance DiSC should be the first strategy you consider. An inclusive culture is only achieved through great communication.

As a leader in the telecom and private services industries for over 25 years I have a proven track record of successfully leading high performing teams and developing high performance leaders. After establishing my boutique consultancy in 2015 I have become a highly sought after and accomplished consultant, coach and facilitator and I have worked with some of the top organizations in the country; CNN, Facebook, Honeywell, NASA, United States Homeland Security, National Basketball Association and Audible just to name a few.

Leveraging my experience with Everything DiSC allows me to bring viable and sustainable solutions to my clients that result in building greater leadership capacity and more highly engaged, results focused teams.

Contact me if you are ready to discover what is possible for your organization utilizing DiSC solutions.

Testimonials For Frederica Peterson Consulting

  • "We wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you for the Successfully Managing People training you conducted for the HPD’s Director and Deputy Directors. The managers who participated came away from the training with a renewed sense of energy and purpose..."

    Kim Darga, Associate Commissioner, Preservation – NYC Dept. of Housing, Preservation and Development Brendan McBride, Associate Commissioner, New Construction - NYC Dept. of Housing, Preservation & Dev
  • Frederica is an incredibly professional instructor who knows how to reach students of all experience levels. She makes the material engaging and successfully communicates the subject matter in a passionate and effective manner. My course was made that much better by having Frederica as the instructor.

    Michael Foley – Sr. Manager, Marketing and Sales Strategy, USA Today Sports Media Group
  • Frederica speaks from the heart, and uses examples from her own life in her presentations. She knows how to interactively bring the group into the process. ...If one has the opportunity to see Frederica present, I would recommend they make the time to attend, or book her for their group.

    Tony Calabrese – Owner, Absolute Transitions, LLC
  • "Frederica is an extremely charismatic presenter and has a great command of the room...I was most impressed by her ability to change gears at the drop of a hat and manage many personalities...she was great at facilitating dialogue between team members, helping them work as a unit and stimulating collaboration. We would love to have her back again!

    Elissa Reitz – Training Manager at The Plastek Group
  • Frederica organized a day-long session on executive presence during the Leadership Development Program I participated last month. She was very knowledgeable on the topic, actively engaging with the class and was able to fine-tune the delivery on-the-go based on the experience levels and intellectual capability of the class.

    Santosh Sabramanian, Master Data Director – Enterprise Analytics Honeywell, Bengaluru Area, India


  • Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™

    Sometimes our instinctive behaviors can sabotage the impact we have on our team, which is why it is important to understand what drives our behaviors. Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ teaches you how to read the emotional and interpersonal needs of a situation and respond accordingly.

    Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ focuses on three vital areas: Discovering your DiSC style. Understanding your EQ strengths and recognizing your EQ potential. How to customize strategies to build your agility.

    Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ combines engaging facilitation (virtual or in person) with online pre-work and follow-up tools, to create a personalized learning experience. This DiSC-based agility training is easily customizable to meet your organization’s needs.

  • Everything DiSC® Management

    Everything DiSC® Management helps leaders learn how their management style influences how they manage time, make decisions, approach problems, and what they need to do to adapt to the styles of others to bring out the best in each and every employee in their charge.

    Everything DiSC® Management focuses on 5 areas of competency: Understanding DiSC® styles. Directing and delegating others. Creating a motivating environment. Developing others with different styles and identifying strategies for working more effectively with managers.

    Everything DiSC® Management is an instructor led program (virtual or in-person) that uses pre-work, engaging facilitation and follow up tools for a personalized learning experience. Everything DiSC® Management is easily customizable to meet your needs.


    Everything DiSC® Management: Introduction
  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®

    Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® increases leadership impact and effectiveness by laying out a clear path to help leaders at all levels make the connection between their DiSC® style and leadership.

    Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® focuses on three vital areas: Recognizing the priorities and tendencies, based on your own DiSC style, that shape your approach to leadership. How to play to your strengths and overcome challenges to improve your leadership effectiveness; and identifying strategies to develop the behaviors that will get you results.

    Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® is an all-inclusive classroom (virtual or in-person) and online program that uses pre-work, engaging facilitation and follow up tools for a personalized learning experience. Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® is easily customizable to meet your needs.


    Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®: Introduction
  • Everything DiSC® Workplace

    Everything DiSC Workplace® delivers a comprehensive, easily customizable workplace development solution to engage every employee—regardless of title or position, department or function—in building more productive and effective relationships at work by providing information to help you understand yourself and others better.

    Everything DiSC Workplace® focuses on three vital areas: Discovering your DiSC® style. Understanding the style of others. Building more effective relationships.

    Everything DiSC Workplace® is an all-inclusive classroom (virtual or in-person) and online program that uses pre-work, engaging facilitation and follow up tools for a personalized learning experience. Everything DiSC Workplace® is easily customizable to meet your needs.


    Everything DiSC Workplace® Introduction
  • Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders

    Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders isn't just any 360. It’s a dynamic 360-degree feedback tool plus 3 personalized strategies for leaders to put into action immediately—a 360 + 3!

    The richness of Everything DiSC® comes together with the research-based Eight Approaches to Effective Leadership framework to help any leader increase their effectiveness in a leadership role.

    Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders focuses on three key areas: Discovering the tendencies that effect your approach to leadership based on your DiSC® style. Understanding how others see you as a leader. Identifying your areas of strength and development.

    Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders includes a fully customizable 360 feedback and coaching offering.


    Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders: The Assessment
  • Everything DiSC Workplace® Certification

    Everything DiSC Workplace® Certification is the best resource for building foundational knowledge and tools for facilitating this powerful solution. This course allows you to take your DiSC® knowledge to a deeper level, giving you the content expertise and strategies to facilitate powerful Everything DiSC Workplace sessions. You will build the confidence and competence to help their organization get the most out of Everything DiSC Workplace and promote a DiSC-based culture.


    Explore Everything DiSC Workplace® Online Certification
  • Everything DiSC® Management Certification

    Everything DiSC® Management Certification is designed for internal facilitators as they scale and customize the Everything DiSC Management learning experience within their own organization. This intensive course increases facilitator confidence and competence with engaging content. Participants will not only receive the credential and expertise needed to deliver Everything DiSC Management, but also gain the skills needed to teach managers to successfully engage, motivate, and develop their people.

  • Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict

    Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict helps participants improve self-awareness around conflict behaviors. Rather than focus on a step-by-step process for conflict resolution, Everything DiSC Productive Conflict provides techniques to curb destructive behaviors and effectively respond to conflict situations.

    Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict focuses on four vital areas: Understanding your own style of handling conflict. Learning how to avoid going down a destructive conflict path. How to reframe a conflict situation and select more productive behaviors. Building common language in your organization around appropriate conflict behavior.

    Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict is an all-inclusive classroom (virtual or in-person) and online program that uses pre-work, engaging facilitation and follow up tools for a personalized learning experience. Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict is easily customizable to meet your needs.


    An Introduction to Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict (Full Version)
  • Everything DiSC Workplace® on Catalyst™

    No matter how you define it, organizational culture has faced dramatic—likely permanent—changes in the wake of COVID-19. Abrupt transitions to remote work that force new modes of communication. Navigating this new space requires new tools. Introducing, Everything DiSC Workplace® on Catalyst™. This takes the best-selling Everything DiSC Workplace® experience to the next level, combining the Everything DiSC® assessment, Catalyst platform, and instructor-led facilitation.

    Everything DiSC Workplace® on Catalyst™ focuses on three primary areas : Understanding your DiSC style. Improving relationships with colleagues by providing real-time tips for more effective interactions. Building the foundation for future social and emotional skills training.

    Everything DiSC Workplace® on Catalyst™ provides a personalized, on-demand learning experience platform using pre-work, engaging virtual facilitation and follow up tools for a personalized learning experience.

  • Diversity Consulting and Training

    Organizations that embrace diversity, inclusion and equity are on average 32% more profitable that organizations that do not. So why do some organizations struggle in this area? Status Quo. We want to be more inclusive, model diversity and create an environment where everyone's unique self is embraced but we don't want to fix anything that doesn't appear to be broken, right? Especially if it may shift the balance of power.

    I help organizations identify gaps in their infrastructure, assess the current health of the culture and provide guidance and recommendation to build a more inclusive, safe and healthy environment for diversity, equity and inclusion so the organization and it's talent can thrive.

Everything DiSC® Certification

Choose your learning format:

New Everything DiSC Certification


Help People Work Better Together as an Everything DiSC® Certified Practitioner

At the heart of your organization are thousands of human interactions. These interactions make up what we know as organizational culture. However, as the world of work becomes more reliant on technology, your organization has been challenged to recreate the authentic human connection that drives engagement and performance.

As an Everything DiSC® Certified Practitioner, you’ll help your organization engage and connect people on a more human level by delivering impactful DiSC experiences that help people work better together. During this two-week course that combines virtual, instructor-led sessions with self-directed online learning, you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of the DiSC model, theory, research, and key principles
  • Explore how to build custom solutions using the all-new Everything DiSC on Catalyst experience
  • Familiarize yourself with the full Everything DiSC application suite
  • Practice facilitation techniques while receiving feedback in a safe environment
  • Gain ongoing access to Wiley’s online training center, connecting you to course content, fellow Practitioners, and Wiley’s education specialists
Upon successful completion of the exam, you will earn the credential of Everything DiSC Certified Practitioner, signaling proven competence in shaping an engaged, collaborative, and high-performing culture—knowledgeable in the language of DiSC.

Upcoming Classes

  • July 07 – July 20, 2022

    Certification: Everything DiSC - Clients: JUL 7 (2 PM Chicago/ 8 PM London)
  • July 22 – August 04, 2022

    Certification: Everything DiSC - Clients: JUL 22 (2 PM Chicago/ 8 PM London)
  • August 08 – August 19, 2022

    Certification: Everything DiSC - Clients: AUG 8 (10 AM Chicago/ 4 PM London)
  • August 19 – September 01, 2022

    Certification: Everything DiSC - Clients: AUG 19 (10 AM Chicago/ 4 PM London)
  • September 08 – September 21, 2022

    Certification: Everything DiSC - Clients: SEPT 8 (1 PM Chicago/ 7 PM London)
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