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Locations: Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa - Gatineau (Ontario parto), Toronto

The Personal Coach


Lead DISC Coach, Certified Authorized Partner & Facilitator Kim has worked for 30 years in the financial services industry in both a corporate environment and in a self-employed, entrepreneurial capacity. She has delivered DiSC training presentations to hundreds using the DiSC tools. Her focus has been to help participants improve their interpersonal business skills in areas such as communication, team building, leadership and sales. It takes time and skill to be an effective communicator, collaborator and team player. For many years, Kim has been coaching people to achieve such success in their roles with less stress, more focus, and greater confidence. By using DiSC to generate open communication and greater awareness of team member talents, she has observed the power of DiSC to significantly affect the stability, compatibility, cohesiveness and bottom line productivity of organizations. Kim is designated as a Certified Everything DiSC Workplace Facilitator and is an accredited facilitator of The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team.

The Global Impact of a Powerful Network

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"When we looked at Wiley and the 35+ years of research-backed assessments, the breadth and depth of the tools, and the training both before and during our induction into the Partnership…That combination and the eco-system of all those things are really what made the decision very easy for us to make.”

Sanel Kostic

Everything DiSC Authorized Partner since 2018