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Locations: Chicago-Naperville-Joliet, IL-IN-WI, New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, NY-NJ-PA, Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana, CA, Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX

Harmony Insights LLC

Building diverse, productive teams with Everything DiSC


Erich Kurschat is the owner of Harmony Insights LLC (HarmonyInsights.com), a small business dedicated to helping companies, coaches, and consultants benefit from the Everything DiSC personality assessment. He is also the founder of HRHotSeat (HRHotSeat.com), an inclusive mastermind community of practitioners, service providers, students, and professionals in job transition in multiple licensed chapters nationwide. An Everything DiSC practitioner since 2006, Erich has worked internationally with thousands of business leaders to enhance self-awareness and improve relationships with key stakeholders. He facilitates a process of learning (whether in person or virtual) that is at once deeply introspective, highly interactive, and immediately applicable. Erich draws from a broad range of experiences as a corporate HR professional, a public speaker, a career coach, a classical musician, and a proud introvert to inspire others toward meaningful work and productive workplace relationships.

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"When we looked at Wiley and the 35+ years of research-backed assessments, the breadth and depth of the tools, and the training both before and during our induction into the Partnership…That combination and the eco-system of all those things are really what made the decision very easy for us to make.”

Sanel Kostic

Everything DiSC Authorized Partner since 2018