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School Well-Being Expert Jennifer Moore, Ed.D.

Dr. Jennifer Moore has spent her 20+ year career as a classroom teacher, teacher coach, and principal, helping schools define and meet the needs of children, their families and their communities. From building curricula that work with students’ developmental stages to providing educators and parents with the resources they need to nurture confidence, security, and an intrinsic love of learning, Dr. Moore has touched every part of education and found that the best learning environment is one where everyone has a voice. Her work has mostly been in schools that have a significant percentage of students living in poverty. Over the last several years, her priority has been the well-being of both children and adults in school communities. She incorporates tools from the business world in her work with schools, such as Everything DiSC and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, to help school staff realize their amazing potential.

Testimonials For Moore Well-Being

  • I have had the privilege of working with Jenn Moore as my principal. She is wholeheartedly focused on the needs of children and the people who serve them. Her ability to work towards solutions is progressive and child centered. I was a better teacher with her support.

    Liz Teacher
  • Jenn proved to be a thoughtful and intentional leader and colleague. She pushed my practice through poignant questioning and a true care for the wellbeing of all those she worked with and worked for.

    Trey Teacher
  • Jenn makes incredible things happen. From supporting school leaders to coaching teachers, her approach is refreshing, informative, and inspiring. Jenn's positive, collaborative approach is informed by a deep knowledge of content and rooted in systems thinking.

    Lisa Teacher


  • Healthy School Culture

    Through Everything DISC®, your staff will become aware of how they interact with others and develop empathy for people with different personalities. They will learn strategies to interact with people that can help them navigate collaboration and conflict.

    School staff are given the opportunity to develop greater self-awareness through a pre-assessment, then face-to-face workshops. These sessions are customized to the context and needs of your school.

    Imagine the power of a staff with healthy, collaborative relationships. Imagine their positive impact on students and their families!

  • Collaborative Grade Level Meetings

    Imagine a scenario where grade level meetings are generative, exciting collaborations! Everything DISC® gives your staff the tools to better understand how they can work well together.

    Teachers become aware of the ways in which their colleagues work and learn not to personalize their reactions. Give teachers the tools to successfully navigate the challenging work of collaboration!

Featured Skills

  • School Change
  • School Transformation
  • Staff Well-Being
  • School Culture
  • Innovative Practices
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Teacher Emotional Intelligence