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Scott Plum, "The Professor"

Scott Plum is the President of the Minnesota Sales Institute and facilitates most of the classes taught. He started his selling career in 1987 and since then he has been sharing the skills and techniques he learned. His goal for students is to “inspire growth and change in your presence and have it last and continue in his absence.” (

He recently published the book; Taking Off Into the Wind – Creating Lift Out of Life. This book is written for the person who is a salesperson – the human being before the human doing. A salesperson of someone that has an Impact on the Experience and an Influence in the Outcome.

In his experience of nearly 20 years in the training and development industry, he has uncovered the challenged that hold salespeople back from executing on their skills, limited managers on their influence on their team and owners from creating and transforming a sales culture within their company.

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.” — James C. Collins

People are the greatest asset of a company with the greatest return, if lead, developed and inspired with a strong sense of purpose and personal meaning. This starts with a greater understanding of self and strengths.

We will work together to discover your DiSC style, priorities, strengths, and challenges; Recognize and understand your customers’ buying styles; and learn to navigate from you to your customers.

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Everything DiSC® Sales: Adapting to Your Customer
Everything DiSC® Sales: Customer Priorities


  • Value is defined by the application of the solution.

    “We are drowning in information but starving for wisdom.” -Brian Buffini. There is no shortage of information. Wisdom in using the right information at the right time will deliver the desired results. I look forward to our conversation. - Scott Plum - "The Professor"


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