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Kim Poulin, Coach & Team Specialist
Kim Poulin, BA, FLMI, CLU, CHFC

Lead DISC® Coach, Certified Authorized Partner & Facilitator

Kim has worked for 30 years in the financial services industry in both a corporate environment and in a self-employed, entrepreneurial capacity. She has delivered DiSC® training presentations to hundreds using the DiSC® tools. Her focus has been to help participants improve their interpersonal business skills in areas such as communication, team building, leadership and sales.

It takes time and skill to be an effective communicator, collaborator and team player. For many years, Kim has been coaching people to achieve such success in their roles with less stress, more focus, and greater confidence. By using DiSC® to generate open communication and greater awareness of team member talents, she has observed the power of DiSC® to significantly affect the stability, compatibility, cohesiveness and bottom line productivity of organizations. Kim is designated as a Certified Everything DiSC Workplace® Facilitator and is an accredited facilitator of The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team.

Testimonials For The Personal Coach

  • Going through the DiSC workshop has been, by far, the best experience. It has helped me in my professional and personal life to see things more clearly through an understanding of others’ personalities.

    Debbie Browne, Director of Operations, Timmins Financial Inc.
  • Debriefing the DiSC profile was a great experience! I was surprised at how accurate it was. I have known these things deep down but I chose instead to believe what others said about me and my capabilities, keeping buried who I really am and how I truly like to behave.

    Amy Phillips, Administrative Assistant, ClearRock Financial
  • DiSC is a valuable tool for our team. We have been able to learn how to better communicate with each other, which has improved our work environment.

    Marielle Julien, Office Manager, Vocari Financial Solutions Inc.
  • It is so cool to review this DiSC profile again and learn more about personalities. Comparing myself side by side with my team provides great tips for me.

    Sean Peach, Financial Advisor, Sean Peach Financial Services Inc.
  • It raised awareness of how people work most effectively, how to navigate conflict situations, how to bring out the best in each other and the strength that comes from having a team with many strong qualities. With a greater understanding of each other and a willingness to learn from the strengths of our colleagues, we are a better team.

    Christy Baker, A/Manager, Corporate and Digital Communications Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario/Government of Canada


  • Everything DiSC Workplace® ON CATALYST™

    Takes the best-selling Everything DiSC Workplace experience to a new level. Designed to
    engage every individual—regardless of title or function—in building more effective relationships at work, Workplace on Catalyst helps people adapt to others in real time, unlocking engagement and inspiring more effective collaboration.

    Comparison Report
    This report gives you an opportunity to explore similarities and differences with other team members and see how these might translate to strengths or challenges.

    Team View
    This report gives you a snapshot of all team members’ styles on one page for easy reference.


    Everything DiSC Workplace® Introduction
  • Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™

    A learning experience that teaches participants to read the emotional and interpersonal needs of a situation and respond accordingly.

    Three training modules include Facilitator’s Guide, PowerPoint®, participant handout, and
    video that support the Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ Profile.

  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders®

    The Work of Leaders focuses on understanding how your tendencies influence your effectiveness in specific leadership situations. Based on best practices, Work of Leaders connects to real-world demands, generating powerful conversations that provide a clear path for action. Work of leaders provides a simple three step process to help you reflect on how you approach the most fundamental work of leaders: creating a vision, building alignment around that vision, and championing
    execution of the vision.


    Building a Legacy of Leadership
  • Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders

    This feedback is for leaders; coming from peers as well as a self-evaluation. It combines the best of 360s with the simplicity and power of DiSC, plus gives three personalized strategies for improving leadership effectiveness. For anyone who wants to use 360° feedback as part of their leadership development, whether an emerging leader or an experienced executive.


    363® for Leaders: The Assessment
  • Everything DiSC® Management

    This profile teaches managers how to bring out the best in each employee. It highlights what your strengths and challenges are when it comes to directing and delegating to team members with different styles and it helps you see if the environment you create motivates or demotivates people on your team.


    Working with your Manager
  • The 5 Behaviours of A Cohesive Team™

    This is a unique learning experience that helps people discover what it takes to achieve the ultimate competitive advantage of teamwork. This program helps teams understand how, as a team, they score on the key components of The Five Behaviors model: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and results. Do they trust one another; can they engage in conflict around ideas; will they commit to decisions; do they hold one another accountable once there is a clear plan of action; and do they all focus on achieving collective, desired results?


    Introduction to The Five Behaviors
    Program, Profile, Pyramid & Reports
  • Everything DiSC® Sales

    Learn about what the key priorities are, where you should focus your energy in the sales process as well as what your strengths and challenges are as a sales person. This also helps salespeople connect better with their clients by understanding their DiSC sales style, understanding their clients’ buying styles and adapting their sales style to meet their clients’ buying styles.


    Customer Priorities
  • Become Certified to Deliver DiSC® Workplace in Your Company

    Helping you help your clients
    Many companies recognize the importance of having a credentialed professional in their organization who can keep DiSC alive in the company's culture. Kim's philosophy is that Certified Clients create well-informed advocates who keep employees engaged with DiSC. Wiley Education puts knowledge directly in your hands by offering education options that meet your goals and style of learning.

  • Everything DiSC Workplace® Online Certification

    Increase your confidence and competence in delivering Everything DiSC Workplace® in your organization. Enjoy the flexibility of self-paced learning, paired with live-collaborative sessions led by Wiley’s expert trainers with this online blended learning course.


    Explore Everything DiSC Workplace®
  • Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict

    This profile provides learners with techniques to improve self-awareness around conflict behaviors. Rather than focusing on conflict resolution with a step-by-step process for resolving conflict, Everything DiSC Productive Conflict zooms in to explain our personal responses in conflict. It helps participants curb destructive thoughts and behaviors so that conflict can become more productive, ultimately improving workplace results and relationships.


    An Introduction to Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict


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