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Lama Younes, ACC Mindset Coach and Everything DiSC Authorized Partner

Lama Younes is a Career and Mindset Coach who helps leaders and individuals ready for change to move forward towards a breakthrough. Before starting her coaching practice, Lama found great success in various Human Resources roles in the corporate world, and decided to make the part of the work she found most fulfilling, her full-time job: Coaching!

Since starting off as a Coach, Lama has seen successful impact on her clients through her unique approach to coaching: Ask powerful questions, carry the underlying belief that the client has all the answers they need within, the client is making the best choice in this moment, and the client has positive intentions. Beginning the process with this purpose-driven, judgement-free approach creates a safe space for the client to make long-lasting and sustainable decisions and reach best results. Success!

Lama’s solution-focused coaching, along with the Everything DiSC solutions, puts the client and their goals front and centre, which means the coaching conversation doesn’t end until there are actionable and measurable take-aways - and likely a few insights as well!


  • The Best of Both Worlds: Talent Development meets Coaching

    Is your team missing those in-office human interactions? 🧑‍💻Everything DiSC on Catalyst provides “aha” moments through flexible, instructor-led group trainings—to give your organization the optimal social learning experience, no matter where your workforce is located.

    Such a powerful tool with a wide range of solutions, yet simple enough so it doesn't add more stress on to your plate! 😌

    Do you want to learn more about how the Everything DiSC® solution can help your team and workplace? Do you know any peers or leaders that can benefit from this? Email me 📩 and let's set up a time to chat 💬

    YOUness Coaching is an Authorized Partner Everything DiSC®

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  • Organizational and Talent Development, Performance Management, Career Planning, Team Building


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